Getting started

What's DNJ ?

DNJ (DotNet JQuery) is a .Net framework aiming to bring the power of Jquery library to asp.Net applications by :
Providing powerful features to the developper like Remote procédure call not only for webservices but also for server side methods. 
Enhancing standard controls : DNJ will ajaxify all controls (even thirs party controls) with minor changes by simply adding a panel around controls you need to ajaxify, no script manager, no codebehind modification.
Extending visual studio toolbox with JQuery UI controls, and make them easily configurable using the standard visual studio designer (wysiwyg).
And later, extending those web controls with all useful jquery user interface plugins.


To download DNJ you have two options.
The windows installer is the recommanded option, it will install DNJ Runtime dlls, DNJ webcontrols to Visual Studio toolbox, a website template for Visual  Studio plus a demo site. click here to download the windows installer

Zip archives  : If the windows installer fails for some reason or you don't want to install all DNJ components, you can download separate DNJ components in three separate archives.



The windows installer will automatically setup all DNJ components in %ProgramFiles%/Eurekaa.Org/DNJ
DNJ runtime dlls are located in DNJ.dll folder, you have to reference those dlls in projects using DNJ.

If you don't want to use the installer, the minimum required package is "DNJ runtime dlls".
You will have to add DNJ toolbox components manually to Visual Studio by right clicking on Visual Studio toolbox > choose items > browse.  then select both Org.Eurekaa.DNJ.dll  and Org.Eurekaa.DNJ.UI.dll  and finally click OK