What's DNJ

DNJ is an open source framework that helps using JQuery with ASP.Net applications.

It provide helper functions, Ajax extender, transparent RPC, and an implementation of JQuery UI components as ASP.net webcontrol.

DNJ is devided into two main namespaces.

DNJ Core

DNJ Core is a set of tools (helpers, handlers, ajax extenders ...) based on the core JQuery library, JSON-RPC and javascript tools (minifiers, script registerers ...etc). the current release offers two main features to asp.Net developpers :
Transforming all existing .Net webcontrols to ajax webcontrols by simply wrapping them into a "DNJPanel" .
Calling server side functions as javascript functions : this feature uses json-rpc protocole to call functions you declare in the server side (C# code) from client side (Javascript)


 The goal of this part of DNJ project is to convert all JQuery UI components into .Net native ajax webcontrols. the current release of DNJ.UI contains : Tabs, accordion, Datepicker, slider and themeswitcher.

Please note that those webcontrols are not yet fully integrated into asp.Net, for example, server side events are not supported at this time. but they are all fully usable and configurable with visual studio designer.

All DNJ.UI controls are "wysiwyg"


This namespace is similar to DNJ.UI but targets 3rd party JQuery plugins, It provide plugin developpers with methods allowing them to convert almost any jquery plugin to DNJ Webcontrol.