DNJ Webcontrols

.Net JQuery Toolbox

If you use the windows installer to setup DNJ you will get the following toolbox added to visual studio.    (you can get the windows installer here )

If the installation process fails, you can download DNJ runtime libraries and add them manually.

the controls are all wysiwyg, but there is still some incompatibilities with VS2005 that will be fixed in next release.


The web controls designers are built to keep both Jquery and Asp.net logic.

All DNJ UI controls have a common propery called "Settings" witch encapsulate all settings that will be passed to JQueryUI control. 

.Net JQuery SettingsAs you will modify each setting (AppendText, ButtonImage, ChangeMonth, DateFormat...etc), the global settings value (Settings) will preview a JSon string that will be passed to the JQuery widget/plugin.

Note that the JSon string is read only. the only way to modify it is to use properties.

The settings box was designed that way so that JQuery experimented developers will keep their JQuery logic, while pure asp.Net developpers will just ignore this JSon string and customize the webcontrol as a standard asp.Net control!








The current version provide the following Web Controls